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Atrio The Dark Wild (Digital)


Atrio is a survival game set in a cyberpunk inspired post-apocalyptic world. Bend nature to your will by capturing and exploiting the creatures and environment to help you survive at all costs. The many threats and challenges you will face are too difficult to handle on your own, you must build, automate and optimize your systems to keep the world at bay to stay alive.GameplayYou are a nameless android tasked with restoring Station 3. Where are all the humans? What is your real purpose? What are these giant statues? The only way to know is to head into the dark wild. Build huge, efficient automation systems to keep your base alive while you explore the world. Hunt down and catch creatures in the wild. Every captured creature has a unique role to play in your assembly line.Key featuresHand Crafted Open World – Explore a beautiful and unique world, shaped by the contrast of sharp neon lights and darkness, while you fight to turn the lights back on.Witty Story- Unravel the real reason that you’ve been sent to the surface in this witty narrative experience.Sandbox Mode – Want to just relax? Sandbox mode lets you get creative in the safety of your own simulation.Unique Creatures – A roster of unexpected, half robot, half organic creatures wait for you on the surface.Pooping Deer? – That’s right! Something as unusual as deer poop may be the key to your survival.

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