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Discord Nitro Basic – 1 Month Subscription


Discord is one of the biggest chat platforms, combining thousands of servers about literally everything, where people from all over the world chat in real-time every day. If you are already using the Discord app and want to elevate your experience with it in new and interesting ways, Discord Nitro Basic is the best way to go! Various exciting new perks are waiting for you to be discovered with the best Discord Nitro Basic price! And not only that, but buying Discord Nitro Basic – 1 Month Subscription key will support the developers, so it’s a nice way to say “thank you” for an already free application that is like nothing else. And keep in mind that the core features of Discord will remain free, yet Nitro Basic will give you some additional advantages. Read more about them below and buy it for yourself at the lowest Discord Nitro Basic cost!What is Discord Nitro BasicDiscord Nitro Basic has some exciting perks that are unavailable in the free version of Discord. Some of the most important perks when buying Discord Nitro Basic are the ability to upload larger files, use custom backgrounds, add a special Nitro profile badge, custom stickers everywhere, and much more at a cheap Discord Nitro Basic price! Obviously, with Discord Nitro Basic – 1 Month Subscription key, your experience with Discord will be amazing and like nothing before!What are Discord Nitro Basic features?Take a look at various Discord Nitro Basic perks that will elevate your experience to higher levels:• Custom emoji anywhere. Add custom emojis wherever you want. You can also make them animated!• Custom stickers anywhere. Add custom stickers anywhere you want and use more than 300 exclusive Nitro stickers as well;• Custom video backgrounds. Change your video background to any custom image;• Nitro badge on your profile. When you subscribe to Nitro, you get a special profile badge to show it!• The bigger size of uploading files. The file uploading cap is increased from 8MB to 50MB;• Cheap Discord Basic price.What is the Discord Nitro Basic price?The usual price of Nitro Basic is $2.99 a month, but keep in mind that you can always find cheap Discord Nitro Basic keys when buying from third-party resellers such as Eneba, so take a look here and choose your desired kind of Nitro today!How to activate Discord Nitro Basic?Follow these instructions to activate Discord Nitro:• In the Discord app, go to your “User Settings” page and locate the “Discord Nitro” tab;• Click “Subscribe” and select either the monthly or yearly plan for Nitro;• Scroll down on the “Discord Nitro User Settings” page to subscribe;• In the new screen, enter your payment information.

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