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Hello puzzle solver! Fitzzle is a unique expansion of the classic jigsaw puzzle style games. Instead of frustratingly trying to match oddly shaped pieces Fitzzle uses squares but maintains the fun puzzle completion goals you would experience with a jigsaw puzzle. Puzzles are randomly created each play through with over 2,000 puzzle combinations for a new experience each play through. The squares on the left need to perfectly fit into the image on the right. You clear out the corresponding squares and merge the two images together. Puzzle difficulty increases as you advance through 50 levels of puzzle fun. You can also choose from 3 difficulty settings to limit the amount of time available to merge the images. If you enjoy solving puzzles then Fitzzle Mighty Bears is a sure thing for puzzle fun.Key features50 LevelsUnique Cubesaw Puzzle StyleIncreasing Puzzle DifficultyMultiple Difficulty SettingsRandomly Created Puzzles

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