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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Edycja Mistrzowska (Digital)


Buy Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition key to get a base game plus expansion! The amount of new content is so wast that Iceborne could almost be considered a completely new spin-off game or even a sequel. Just like the original, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is developed and published by Capcom. This DLC successfully expands upon the detailed world presented in the base game and presents a new winter-themed setting without sacrificing anything that gave the base Monster Hunter: World its identity and charm. Take note – the base game is required to play this DLC. Fight an entire ecosystem of fantasy creatures! After you‘ve played through vanilla Monster Hunter: World, you‘ll feel right at home once you buy Monster Hunter World: Iceborne key. The base addictive structure of gameplay remains the same – you hunt exotic fantasy monsters, loot their corpses, habitats and hunting grounds for materials to craft gear, weapons as well as armor to fight even more powerful monsters. Iceborne DLC massively expands upon the content of the original, introducing new monsters types and subspecies or subtypes of the ones seen before. Snowy land of Hoarfrost Reach The Iceborne DLC expansion brings the player to a new snow-covered land known as Hoarfrost Reach. Despite the fact that the new location is winter-themed, once you buy Monster Hunter World: Iceborne key you‘ll find that it nevertheless includes a lot of variety: mountain terrain, hot springs, underground caves, and snow-covered fields make up this new area. The town of Seliana will serve as a social hub in between hunting missions. You‘ll interact with NPCs, upgrade your gear and spend time in a heavily customizable personal room! Quality of life improvements It‘s no secret that Capcom‘s Monster Hunter games have characteristically complicated user interface, that ignores the mainstream trends and asks the most dedication out of the player. You‘ll find yourself constantly micromanaging your gear and skill tree. Buy Monster Hunter World: Iceborne key to enjoy many newcomer-friendly quality of life improvements which include simpler UI, ability to ride a small monster into battle and use a Clutch Claw to dig into large monsters, in turn weakening their specific body parts and making them susceptible to damage. All of this makes up only a fraction of new content presented in this exemplary DLC!

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