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Sidekick Games Emperors New Clothes (SE/FI/NO/EN)


The Emperors New Clothes is a flip & write game inspired by the famous fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen.Players draw patterns to puzzle together a pretty shirt abiding by the rules set by the Emperor. Each round 3 patterns will be revealed, and one of the players may reserve a pattern. All players then draw their chosen pattern adjacent to something they have already drawn. Some patterns needs to be grouped together orthogonally, others diagonally and some of them not together at all. You score points after 6 rounds and again after 12 rounds – so players are forced to think short term and long term, and most points wins. There is also a bonus for completed rows and diversity.The game has several difficulty levels and spans from family game to thinky gamer filler.About the fairy tale:The Emperors New Clothes portrays a vain emperor that only wants the finest clothes. Two guys swindle him into believing they can weave an exceptionally beautiful attire that only the smartest can see. In reality there are no clothes but reluctant to admit he isnt smart, he parades through town until a boy yells out: „but he isnt wearing any clothes!”

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