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Sonic Colors Ultimate Digital Deluxe (Xbox One Key)


Digital Deluxe includes:• The original game;• Ultimate Cosmetic Pack;• Ultimate Music Pack.A Wii classic is finally getting remastered for an explosive next-gen experience. Blind Squirrel Games and SEGA is inviting players to dive into the visually stunning and colourful universe of Sonic Colors: Ultimate to explore six unique worlds, brimming with foes, puzzles, and, naturally, tons of fun! Venture into Dr. Eggman’s creation – a gigantic interstellar amusement park with an evil twist. All the rides, flashy lights, and jaw-dropping attractions are powered by the Wisps, an alien race that the mad scientist is keeping here against their will. It’s up to Sonic to free them and learn more about their amazing abilities – buy Sonic Colors: Ultimate Xbox key and start dashing!Sonic Colors: Ultimate featuresBoth newcomers and longtime fans of the original are in for a treat with the Sonic Colors: Ultimate key. Whether you’re older or younger, you’re bound to have a great time here thanks to these gameplay features:• A modern experience. Plenty of improvements await – upscaled visuals, enhanced mechanics, quality of life improvements, and tons more;• An interstellar amusement park. 6 distinct worlds are just waiting to be explored – from the peak of Sweet Mountain to the depths of Aquarium Park, challenges are abound in these immersive environments;• The power of the Wisps. Lighting fast speed won’t be enough this time – harness of the power of these mysterious aliens to pass through objects, discover alternative paths, and more;• Rival Rush mode. Challenge Metal Sonic, test your skills against this mechanically-enhanced speedster, and outrun him to unlock rewards;• Cheap Sonic Colors: Ultimate price.Non-stop actionA Sonic game wouldn’t be a Sonic game without adrenaline- fueled action, and the Sonic Colors: Ultimate Xbox key is certainly no different! Six massive worlds with twisting pathways, tricky puzzles, and nefarious enemies are all yours to explore – just don’t forget to help out the Wisps along the way. You’ll be surprised how helpful these colourful aliens are. Zoom across the landscape, avoid the hazardous obstacles, and unravel the mystery behind these extraterrestrial beings!

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