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Fight & strategize your way through spectacles and arenas — rise from lowly slave to Grand Champion and earn your freedom. Or… die trying. This Gladiator RPG Roguelite features in-depth career management and a unique physics simulated combat system. To those who are about to die, I salute you!This game is ACTUALLY different!Get ready to re-learn how to fight. This game features a physics based combat system with directional attacks. Itll take time to master! Dont worry, gladiators exist to be sacrificed. You control your character fully, at all times, based on complex inputs – you will never sit there while an animation plays.An unforgiving Gladiator Roguelite experience.Take control of a gladiator with a single life, that you lead to an inevitable dea– I mean, to victory and glory! Fight from the Pits to the Arena into the Stadium, pleasing larger and larger crowds until you finally become a legend of the Grand Stadium.Key FeaturesStarting backstories with different traits and goalsPermanent bonuses for each backstorys victoryDynamic audiences that respond to your actions. Dont just win: entertain!A ranking system with rewards (levelling up)Character skills that grow as you perform the relevant actionsAnd much, much more!

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